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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad

Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 085, Telangana, India ACCREDITED BY NAAC WITH 'A' GRADE


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Dr. G Venkata Rami Reddy
M.Tech.(CSE), Ph.D.(JNTUH)
Professor of IT & Director of Admissions
Department of Information Technology
JNT University Hyderabad
  • Educational Qualifications:
  • Ph.D.,2013(Computer Science and Engineering)

(Title: Texture Synthesis and Classification for Stochastic Texture Model Recognition and Matching)J.N.T. University Hyderabad.

  • M.Tech.1998(Computer Science and Engineering) First class with distinction from J.N.T. University Hyderabad
  • M.Sc. 1989 (Physics) First class, S.K.University, Anantapur
  • Teaching Experience:     23 years
  • UniversityAssociate Professor of  Information Technology,JNTUniversity Hyderabad  from(July 2010-july 2016)
  • Information Scientist ,JNTUniversityHyderabad  from Oct 2000 to June 2010
  • Professional Experience:
  • Director, Directorate of Admissions,JNTU Hyderabad (Jan-2023–Till date)
  • Deputy Director,University Academic Audit Cell (Dec-2021 -Jan-2023)
  • Additional Controller, JNTUH, Examination branch (Nov-2016 –Dec-2021)
  • Course Coordinator for M.Tech(Software Engineering)SIT,JNTUH(2010-2016)
  •  In charge for Part time Post Graduate ProgramsM.Tech(CSE), SIT,JNTUH( 2013- 2017)
  • CourseCoordinator for M.C.A School of Continuing Distance Education JNTUH(2012-2015)
  • Hostel Manager  for PG Boys hostel, JNTUH( Nov-2012- Till date)
  • Member, Staff(Prof, Associate Prof, Asst. Prof.)Selection Committee for JNTUHyderabad
  • Convener and Member, AffiliationCommittee forAffiliating various Engineering Colleges under JNTU Hyderabad
  • Convener and Member, Autonomous Committee forvarious Autonomous Engg. Colleges  under JNTU Hyderabad
  • Member, Governing Body for Affiliated Engg. Colleges under JNTU Hyderabad
  • Member for Board of Studies for Autonomous Engg. Colleges  under JNTU Hyderabad and JNTU Anatapur
  • Member, Academic Council  for AutonomousEngg Colleges Under JNTU Hyderabad
  •  Governing Body Member for  AutonomousEngg Colleges Under JNTU Hyderabad
  • Member, Grievance RedressalCommittee for Affiliated Engg Colleges under JNTU Hyderabad
  • Member, Result Processing Committee for Autonomous Engineering Colleges under JNTUHyderabad
  • Chairman, Convener and Member for various committees in JNTUH

 Research Experience:

Ph.D. students Guided: 1

Name of the Candidate

Title of Research

  • N.Arjun


Tracking and Estimating The Trajectory of An Object After collision using Kalman Filter

 Ph.D. students under Guidance: 5

Name of the Candidate

Title of Research

  • DevakishanAdla



  • A.Niranjan


  •  G Lavanya


  • P.Ajay Kumar


  • K. BalakrishnaMaruthiram


  • M.VijayaShanthi


An Integrated Computational approach for Skin Cancer Detection Transfer Learning and Deep Learning Frame works

Enhancing The Security In Intelligent  IOT payments systems

Facial Expression Recognition Using Integrated approaches to Derive Interactive and Behavioural aspects

Implementation Of Digital Steganography Using Image Files

Object Detection and Localization Under Adverse Environmental Conditions

An Effective Image Retrieval Approach Using Regional and Local Texton Features

M.Tech. Students Guided : 105

Patents published/awarded:  3

Patent  Details

Patent status
Published and Date

       Patent Number

ICDN- Object Detection System:Intelligent Object Detection system With ImageClassification and Deep Neural Networks




Machine learning model for predicting severityprognosis inpatient infected with covid-19



Identification of missing person/criminal/if any based on Internet of things(IOT) and Deep Learning Techniques

Dt. 09/10/2020



  • Research Publications

JournalPapers published :

International Journal Papers :76

Papers presented in Conferences

International Conference :8
National Conference :  2

International Journal Papers :

  • Hiding Technique in Image Processing using DCT ,  IJAC, International Journal of Advanced Computing, pp.124-129, International Journal of Advanced Computing, vol:2, issue:3, July 2010  , ISSN 0975-7686
  • Morphological Texture Synthesis Algorithm Using Pixel and Patch Based Approach, pp.1-4, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 3, Issue 2, February-2012, ISSN 2229-5518, peer reviewed I.F : 3.8UGC (48880) approved
  • Texture Synthesis based on image resolution enhancement usingwavelet transforms , pp.60-64,International Journal of Computer Science andInformation Security, Vol. 10, No. 4, 2012,ISSN: 1947-5500, peer reviewed
  • A Novel Texture Synthesis Algorithm Using Patch Matching by Fuzzy Texture Unit,pp.79-86,International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering, Vol. 4 No. 01 January 2012,ISSN : 0975-3397,peer reviewed
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  • A full-resolution convolutional network with a dynamic graph cut algorithm for skin cancer classification and detection,Healthcare Analytics ,Open access , Jan-2023,Elsevier(Science Direct),

Papers presented in Conferences :

International Conferences:

  • “An efficient approach for improvement of packet scheduling algorithm  “,Sustainability of Digital Libraries ICDL-2014, JNTUH, International conference
  • Comparison of Eigen SVD and FSVD Data representation Methods.” International Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics ICSCI-2011 During  5th to 8th Jan 2011,Pentagon Research Centre, International conference
  • “Development of Evidence Classifier Using Hybridization Method for Improved Image Classification”, International Conference on Environmental Management. During 28th – 30th  Oct 2005, IST, JNTUH
  • “Lossy Image Compression using Binary Plane Technique for Non-medical Images”, 2nd International Conference on Environmental Management”. During 25th – 28th Oct 2010,IST, Centre  for Environment, JNTUH, 
  • “ObjectTrackingusingModeratederivativeGainKalmanFilter 3rd International Conference on sustainable Communication Networks and applications July 2021 Surya Engineering College,  Erode, India
  •  Image Fusion  - , pp. 140-143, Proceedings of ICEM-05, International Conference on Environmental Management – JNTUH,  28th to 30th Oct’2005, ISBN 81-7800-105-5
  • “Optimization based Deep LSTM Predictive Analysis for Decision making in Cricket”  2nd International conference on Innovative  Data Communication  Technologies and applications , Sep-2020 , RVS Engg. College , Coimbatore ,Tamil Nadu
  • SSO: A Hybrid Swarm Intelligenceoptimization Algorithm , Computational vision and Bio Inspired Computing , Nov-2021 RVS Technical Campus , Coimbatore ,Tamil Nadu

National Conferences :

  • “Security Management in Digital Library”,National conference on Library Security Management in Digital ERA. 4th-5th Feb 2011, JNTUH
  • Custom queuing Method using Adhoc Networks”, National conference on Distributed Computing  -Dec 23-23, 2010, Dept. of CSE, Mallareddy college of Engg. Hyderabad

Books Authored:

  • Programming & Data Structures, BS Publications
  • C & Data Structures, BS Publications

Book Chapters :

  • SSO: A Hybrid Swarm Intelligence Optimization Algorithm. In: Smys, S., Tavares, J.M.R.S., Balas, V.E. (eds) Computational Vision and Bio-Inspired Computing. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing,vol 1420. Springer, Singapore., ISBN978-981-16-9573-5 (eBook),ISBN978-981-16-9572-8(Print) ,https:// /10.1007/978-981-16-9573-5_63
  • An Optimization Based deep LSTM Predictive Analysis for Decision Making in Cricket. In: Raj, J.S., Iliyasu, A.M., Bestak, R., Baig, Z.A. (eds) Innovative Data Communication Technologies and Application. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, vol 59. Springer, Singapore.  Pgno. 721-737,ISBN  978-981-15-9651-3 (eBook),  ISBN  978-981-15-9650-6(print),,
  • Object Tracking Using Moderate Derivative Gain Kalman Filter. In: Karrupusamy, P., Balas, V.E., Shi, Y. (eds) Sustainable Communication Networks and Application. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies,vol 93. Springer, Singapore. , ISBN978-981-16-6605-6 (eBook), ISBN978-981-16-6604-9,
  • Consultancy work  :-
  • Soft Ware Development for EAMCET Entrance examination, SIT,JNTUH,1998-2006, (9 Years) Above 20 lakhs/ year
  • Soft Ware Development and Processing forRecruitment for Direct Information Officers entrance examination(state wide), Center for good Governance and SIT,JNTUH, 2001,Above 10 lakhs
  • Soft Ware Development and Processing forA.P Pollution control Board Assistant Engineers Examination(State Wide), A.P Pollution control board and SIT, JNTUH, 2007, Above 20 lakhs
  • Soft Ware Development and Processing forEDEP(Electronic Distribution of Examination papers)Project in JNTU Examination branchfor B.Techand M.Tech courses under JNTU ,2002
  • Training Courses Organized:
  • Organizing a refresher courses on library automation and digitization ,3 weeks  28th -jun-17th  July  2010, UGC-ASC College , JNTUH, Hyderabad
  • Organizing One day National level workshop on Outcome  Based Education ,26th Oct-2013, SIT,JNTUH
  • Organizing one day national level workshop on Advanced Data Mining Concepts.  6  FEB. 2015 at SIT,JNTUH
  • Areas of Interest: 
  • Image processing
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Design and analysis of Algorithms
  • Data mining
  • Database Management Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Web technologies and services
  • Cloud computing